Social Media

There will be more on this page soon but for now it includes details of my publications to date.

Book Chapters

Osborne, Nicola (forthcoming in May 2012). “Support for users within an educational or e-learning context”. In Dobreva, M., O’Dwyer, A. and Feliciati, P., eds. 2012. User Studies in Digital Library Development. London: Facet publishing.

Osborne, Nicola (2011). “Amplification and Analysis of Academic Events Through Social Media: a Case Study of the 2009 Beyond the Repository Fringe Event”. In Wankel, C. and Wankel, L., eds. 2011. “Higher Education Administration with Social Media: Including Applications in Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Alumini Relations and Career Centres”. Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. ISBN: 978-0-85724-651-6.


Osborne, Nicola (2011). “Using social media in education, Part 1: Opportunity, risk, and policy”. In IBM’s developerWorks, 20th December 2011.

Osborne, Nicola (2012). “Using social media in education, Part 2: Tools, support, and technical issues”. In IBM’s developerWorks, 10th January 2012.

Osborne, Nicola (2011). “Geography Is Social“. In Soapbox Science: a community guest blog from, August 3, 2011.

Osborne, Nicola (2009). Cataloguing your friends and neighbours: personal metadata and the opportunities and challenges of working with social networking sites“. In WIDWISAWN, March 2009. Part One: Part Two:

Burnhill, P., Guy, F. and Osborne, N. “Scholarly communication and National union catalogues: A strategic role for suncat in the UK information environment“. In New Review of Information Networking 12 (1-2), pp.1-21. Copy in the Edinburgh Research Archive:

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