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We (well our cupcakes) are famous!

We (well our cupcakes) are famous!

Yesterday, for Halloween, we had a baking challenge to meet. My partner’s work were having a festive competitive bake off and she was expected to do seriously well so, what to bake?

We decided to combine our trademark bloodied gingerbread men with something more cakey and thus were “Halloween Meats Christmas” born!

The cakes are a dark moist chocolate cupcake topped with a pool of strawberry jam blood, vanilla butter cream lips and vampiric gummy teeth into whose ghoulish jaws have fallen our pool little gingerbread men with missing legs, arms or heads. So much royal icing gingerbread blood has been spilled to make these…

Not only did the cakes win Heather’s workplace prize but a preview bake also won much love at our friends’ Halloween film night. And then, the bloodied icing on the creepy cake, not only have the cakes been retweeted by the Great British Bake Off but today they also made it onto the Guardian’s Life & Style page. Awesome!