“the only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

I work as Digital Education Manager at EDINA, a centre for digital expertise and online service delivery based at the University of Edinburgh. I have held this post since 2015 and I really enjoy the mix of innovative projects and service work that make up the role.

I blog regularly about my work and the presentations and publications associated with it. Click through to my work blog to see what I’m currently up to:

Prior to this role (2009-2015) and I was EDINA’s Social Media Officer, working on and advising colleagues across EDINA and the wider university. There’s a bit more about what I do and my publications associated with my current Digital Footprint and social media work and publications from this former role on my Social Media page.

Before my social media post I worked on SUNCAT, the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK research community, where I munged data and led our social media presences.

You can read my full career history on my LinkedIn profile but here’s a wee overview of my background:

I came to SUNCAT from the University of Edinburgh Library where I started in the photocopying room and service desk but spent most of my time in acquisitions learning about the mysterious world of serials.

I began my career with a Year in Industry during which I worked for BP Chemicals on their Year 2000 Team and gained a NEBS Management Introduction to Supervisory Management qualification. I then came to Edinburgh to study for an Electrical & Mechanical Engineering degree and, after some changes along the way, completed my studies with courses from across the University and received my BSc Science (General) from the University of Edinburgh.

One of my big passions is film and throughout my career I have reviewed and written about cinema, read more about that on my film page.

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